UXinsight 2019 – Looking ahead

UXinsight is an international event for UX research professionals and anyone interested in UX research. The main conference is on April 4, 2019, in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

We will look at the exciting future of UX research through three lenses: How, Why and Who? Focus areas are technology & data (the ‘how’), role & purpose (the ‘why’) and inclusiveness & collaboration (the ‘who’).

The day before the main conference there will be hands-on workshops to help UX researchers further develop both their hard and soft skills.

April 3 - 4, 2019 in Utrecht
Keynote Speakers
We are bringing the finest industry experts to speak
Steve Portigal
Helping teams to strategically plan for user research
Professor Karen Cham FRSA
Professor of digital transformation design, academic lead connected futures
Raz Schwartz
User research manager at Facebook
Conference program
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9:15 am
Brian Pagán - Chairman

About Brian Pagán

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9:30 am
What We (DON'T) Talk About When We Talk About Research
Steve Portigal

There is an extensive - and growing - list of topics/skills/issues that researchers are concerned with, mostly tied to what it takes to do our jobs well. The urgency of those topics sometimes means that we don't make room to formalize our consideration of other topics, the conversations that are happening anyway, in coffeeshops, Slack channels, hallways and Twitter threads. These discussions are where we confront the messy and personal aspects of our work and challenge the defaults and the norms of our practice. I believe - as our field grows in numbers and evolves in influence - that these issues are indeed urgent. I will delve into the most compelling motifs and share my perspective on the directions we can drive toward.

About Steve Portigal

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Get strategic
Kathleen Asjes, Schibsted || Bojhan Somers |

Kathleen Asjes - Shifting your organization up the research maturity ladder
We have all been there, caught up in so much tactical research that it seems impossible to lift your head up and start thinking about how your research can contribute to the more strategic development of the products you are involved in.

It might seem like a tremendous challenge, but shifting from tactical to more strategic research is possible for all of us. Kathleen will share how she and her team of user researchers tried, failed and finally succeeded in maturing their research practice in a large Product & Tech organization in Scandinavia.

Bojhan Somers - Evolving research to being a strategic partner
User research can have a tremendous impact in driving the strategy of your organisation. While you're battling yet another ad-hoc user research request, how do you move towards a systematic process that enables you to work on the initiatives that are truly impactful? Positioning your team to be a part of the strategic dialogue, is not easy - but the path is often open.

Bojhan will share his experience in coaching small to large user research teams, who have often battled to do the more strategic work and struggled to find their place amongst the ever-increasing departments that provide consumer insights. Bojhan will present a framework for determining your maturity and creating larger buy-in to venture up the maturity ladder. This talk will focus more on the ecosystem and culture that you will need to foster, rather than individual methodologies and tools that you will need. 

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Mixed Methods
Collete Kolenda, Spotify |

Collete Kolenda - Mixing Research Methods @ Spotify - Triangulating User Research & Data Science to Get Closer to the Real Story
Studying ads presents a unique research challenge. Spotify is often a background experience: music listening happens through a phone in the pocket or on the speakers in diverse contexts. Mixed methods research helps us overcome these real-world constraints. At Spotify, we triangulate data from multiple sources, including collaborating with Data Science, to gain rich insights that fuel product decisions.

This talk will highlight case studies from ads research at Spotify and strategies for how to use mixed methods research in other products and industries.

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Lunch, demonstrations, discussions



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Inclusive research
Anniek Veltman, Aiden || Jack Morgan, Duolingo |

Anniek Veltman - Researching for a brain which is unlike yours
You probably know how to do proper research with regular consumers. However, if you’re designing products and services for the general public (like bank apps, insurance websites, personal digital health environments), there’s usually little alternative for users and therefore your product has to work for everyone. So, how ‘regular’ are your users or customers really?

I have worked on some awesome projects for people with a cognitive disadvantage like autism or a slight intellectual disability. People who are often able to participate (mostly) independently in our society, but do have specific needs when it comes to the use of digital products.

Working on research projects with a user-group unlike your usual research subjects means you will have to change the ways you organize and execute your research in a creative and flexible way. In this talk I’m happy to share my learnings with you, which I will illustrate with some real-life examples.

Key takeaways:
  • I’ll briefly dive into the characteristics of particular user groups and their needs
  • After that I’ll share with you my learnings on how to do research with a user-group which is unlike your usual research subjects
  • Finally I’ll wrap up by sharing some design recommendations that I’ve learned and might help you in your future projects

Jack Morgan - Being Responsible for 1.2 Billion People
There are approximately 1.2 billion people learning a new language, and the majority are doing so in pursuit of a better life. As part of our mission to make education free for everyone, we studied millions of people spanning every country on the planet... until we made a shocking research discovery that led us on a journey around the world, throughout the Middle East and inside one of the world's largest refugee camps - forever changing the way we think about our research, our work, and our responsibilities.

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14:35 am
Aryel Cianflone in a fireside chat with Raz Schwartz, Facebook AR/VR
Raz Schwartz, Facebook | Aryel Cianflone, LinkedIn |

Raz Schwartz has travelled all over the world trying to understand how AR & VR technologies fit into people's lives now and how they might in the future. Join Aryel Cianflone of Mixed Methods as they discuss how Raz got to this point in his career, what it's like doing research on the cutting edge of technology, and what inspires him personally & professionally.

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Coffee break
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Sparkling thoughts

Swathi Yerubandi & Inge van Dam - Sharing user insights with video shows
Inspired by last year’s talk about atomic research and video nuggets, the ANWB decided to experiment further with this subject. Learn how we present user research findings in such a way to create more awareness and impact within the organization.

Ina Damen - Tweaking the system
How not to reinvent the wheel. The use of existing tools and systems for healthy office life.

Matieu Gielen - Your Turn: scaffolding the skills of children in co-design
Let’s take a look at the skill set of children and other inexperienced contributors in research and design. How can users be expected to produce rich outcomes without attention to the build-up of their skills, such as empathy, creativity and communication? Simple support tools can make a difference. The talk will highlight practical techniques and illustrate them with examples from our research.

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16:30 am
UXD 4.0 : Designing the Human Experience of Data Rich Complexity in Pervasive XR
Professor Karen Cham - University of Brighton

The 4th Industrial Revolution requires businesses to understand and harness automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtualization and cloud computing, with 5G enabling a convergence of untethered AR/VR, IoT and real-time localised cloud processing in ‘the FOG’.

This generates a pervasive X-Reality data-rich environment that at the moment doesn’t account for end-user experience at all. As in any human/machine convergence, without quantifiable insights into end-user engagement in the development cycle and/or embedded in the design of any back end, undesirable personal and social outcomes will emerge, unethical practices will take hold and many products, services and business will fail.

And they say UXD is over? We have only just begun….

About Professor Karen Cham

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Closing words
Brian Pagán - Chairman
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1:00 h Foyer, Jutekelder
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Measuring emotions
Dr. Liraz Margalit, Clicktale || Franziska Roth, Zalando |

Liraz Margalit - How emotions shape digital experiences
We keep on hearing about the significant role of emotions in driving engagement, loyalty, brand awareness, but what is the relationship between emotions and experience?

Our research found that what we need to discuss is not emotion per se but emotion as a sage way to our memory. Sensory experience is one of the most effective ways to create an unforgettable customer experience.

Emotions, both – positive and negative, shape what we remember from the experience. In a new, groundbreaking research Dr Liraz Margalit, will show how brands can detect customers’ emotions without seeing their faces, only based on the way they interact digitally.

With an industry-wide focus on delivering more human experiences and becoming more customer-centric, how can we derive truly meaningful human insight from digital channels that will have a tangible, positive impact on the bottom line?

Through her background in behavioral psychology, Dr Liraz Margalit will explore the role of emotion in creating memorable and impactful brand experiences and uncover the customer frustrations and frictions that could hinder your progress.

Franziska Roth - Show me your face! - How tracking the emotions of your users is scary and fascinating at the same time
With emotions being at the core of our experiences as human beings and fashion standing out as one highly emotional topic for a lot of people... we at Zalando thought, what if we combined both worlds?

Now imagine you are using a fashion e-commerce platform and while you do so you are filmed. Your facial reactions are analyzed by an AI to better steer the content you see. The articles you really liked are tracked and help is offered the second you look confused. How does that sound? We tested such an experience with our users, assessing their fears and excitement around this as well as the limitations of the tech to really provide meaningful data.

Doing this not only provided insights about our users and led to beautiful and fascinating data - it also resulted in contemplation around ethics, privacy, and the responsibility as user researcher to put the fears of your users above the curiosity and hunger for amazing data.

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Future Skills
Lee Duddell, Userzoom || Aryel Cionflone, LinkedIn |

Lee Duddell - 3 skills every researcher needs
In order to move their organisation's UX maturity in the right direction, researchers need to develop skills that have little to do with UX. Lee will share the top 3 emerging skills leading researchers have.

Aryel Cionflone - Skills of the modern researcher
Over the past few years, the field of UX research has grown and changed significantly. What does this mean for us as researchers and how can we as professionals equip ourselves to stay up to date with this changing landscape? This talk will leverage the power of LinkedIn data combined with insights from the Mixed Methods UX research community to help us better understand professional trends and the skills researchers need to meet them as well as industry sources to do so

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Get organised
Emma Boulton || Evelina Peteinara ||

Emma Boulton - What is ResearchOps?
In March 2018, the ResearchOps Community was formed with the intention of validating and shaping the practice of ResearchOps. Core to the Community was a global research initiative called #WhatisResearchOps.

A team of 60 researchers worked together to run 32 workshops around the world to ask researchers about their challenges and triumphs, and their expectations of ResearchOps. Since then, the community has grown to 1,500 + on Slack, a Medium channel, monthly town halls and more projects and initiatives have started.

In this talk, Emma will share what the community have learned from #WhatisResearchOps, and talk through the framework that came out of the work. Emma will speak on behalf of TeamReOps: all the organisers and thinkers from around the world who’ve donated countless hours to the effort and are making ResearchOps what it is today.

Evelina Peteinara - Organising UX research within a B2B enterprise environment- from recruitment to international research and team involvement
What do you do when traditional recruitment methods and mainstream user panels don’t really work for you? What if your customers/users are spread across the world and you need results fast? And how can you make sure your team is engaged in research even if you are not co-located?

In this talk, I will share my own experiences working with products addressed to niche audiences and how we are going about finding users willing to give us feedback. Also, how we have been conducting moderated international research within an Agile environment and how we have been keeping our team not just informed, but actively engaged with the user research.

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New Tech
Hester Bruikman, Status || Bernt Meerbeek, Signify |

Hester Bruikman - UX research for blockchain
Drawing on a year-long deep-dive in Status and the Ethereum blockchain community, Hester will talk about what blockchain is in the context of decentralized applications. She'll cover why UX researchers should care about this technology, how it impacts UI and UX design, and how it affects UX research practices;

Specifically going over new category research, privacy and data collection, the role of UX researchers, and community-driven research.

Bernt Meerbeek - Shining a light on the UX in smart homes
In his talk, Bernt will elaborate on UX research for the Smart Home and how this compares to UX research for traditional consumer products and purely digital services. He will highlight a variety of UX Research methods used in the different phases of innovation for Philips Hue, leader in Smart Home Lighting. He will present a case study on a Virtual Reality app for Hue which can also be experienced by the conference visitors.

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Building Relationships
Wouter van der Kamp, Online Department || David McCrae, Google |

Wouter van der Kamp - Beyond Research; Ownership & reciprocity
Normally the value of proper research is learning about truths and possibilities. But with the right techniques and methods, it can give you a lot more. A deep dive in the secondary effects of UX Research. Learn how these secondary effects help can you to improve relationships with respondents, the adaptation of new products and strengthen your potential user base.

David McCrae - Bridges: A metaphor for UX research
What does it really mean to "build bridges"? The relationships we have with our stakeholders, teams and users all require careful attention and thought to ensure success. In this talk David explores how engineers build bridges connecting people and places across great divides and impassable terrain. With a stronger understanding of how these real-world connections are made we can explore the metaphors that help us as researchers create meaningful connections between our businesses, stakeholders and the people that we design for.

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Remote Research
Ryan McCourt, Userlytics || Marco Wolters, abbi-insights ||

Ryan McCourt - The Different Ways To Run A Moderated User Testing Sessions On Mobile
As mobile device usage continues to skyrocket around the world, the need for apps and sites to work flawlessly on those devices is growing as well. In recent years we've seen big strides in quant and qual metrics and testing methodologies to help improve digital assets when accessing from a desktop, but with mobile a number of special challenges exist that have resulted in a series of tradeoffs when conducting moderated or unmoderated user testing on mobile devices.

In this talk, we will show how you can run a remote moderated or unmoderated testing session on mobile devices, and what tools (including free tools) are available for each methodology, depending on the type of digital asset (website or app), operating system (Android or iOS).

Three main takeaways: 1) Type of methods you can choose from when running a remote moderated or unmoderated UX test, 2) Tradeoffs associated with each, some of the free tools you can use and 3) Trends in technology ecosystems that are making it easier and implications going forward.

Marco Wolters - Survey research is not dead, it just needs to be reinvented
Successful organisations are 24/7 connected with their audience. But using traditional surveys to achieve this, is absolutely doomed to fail. Millennials and GenZ do not click on email links to enter long, boring surveys that are hardly relevant to them. Sustainable surveys are mobile and activated at the right moment, at the right place with a UX that is easier, more relevant and more fun for the respondent. And to really connect with your audience you need to turn the insights into action …. and involve them.

How to really make this happen with mobile tooling? Marco will tell you by showing a live demo based on real client cases. He will also tell you all about the do’s and don’ts during this interactive session.

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