Wouter van der Kamp

Wouter van der Kamp at UXinsight
Wouter van der Kamp
UX Lead & Design Coach at Online Department

At a young age, Wouter realised what massive impact the digitalisation has had, and is still having, on our day to day lives. Making a lot of things easier but also adding complexity to every new challenge we find. It is not about the product, it is about the user. Humans like you and me. How we use a product greatly depends on… everything!

He started his career as a Social Designer set with the challenge to use a co-creative design process as a means to create communities. During this period he learned a lot about why people act the way they do and how they work from a social & perspective. After a few years, Wouter switched over to the digital product world to get a firmer grip on how co-creation can assist in stakeholder management while helping others get a better understanding of what Design can mean.




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